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Clients Direct is a system for Investment Management firms which links them to their associated Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) and to the IFAs’ clients.

Clients Direct allows an Investment Manager to support a web site for each of its IFAs, bearing the IFA’s own logo and identity, through which their clients have direct online access to dynamic details of their portfolios, accounts and total assets managed by the Investment Manager. The system, which is highly secure, provides a two-way dialogue for messages and instructions and also significantly reduces the loading on the Investment Manager’s internal systems.

Clients Direct can also be used in direct Investment Manager – Client relationships where no IFA is involved.

Clients Direct: -

  • Enables an Investment Management firm to provide its associated IFAs with a branded service incorporating the IFA’s logos and livery and contact details
  • Links clients to an Investment Manager through their IFAs
  • Optionally gives clients direct access to the Investment Manager
  • Enables clients to have instant online access to details of their accounts, portfolios, and valuations
  • Provides up to the minute valuations of stock portfolios derived from MBA’s real time stock prices
  • Allows two-way dialogue for messages and instructions
  • Performs standard and bespoke calculations enabling Investment Managers to target client requirements
  • Provides high quality dynamic graphs and charts to enable at-a-glance information
  • Reduces loading on the Investment Manager and IFA central office systems
  • Meets the highest international banking security standards
  • Can provide a picture and composition of a client’s total wealth including assets not managed by the Investment Manager.
  • Provides high quality printed reports reflecting the IFA brand

Clients Direct is a software system which interfaces to an Investment Manager’s back office system to provide clients with access to their account details via the internet. The system implements a front end database of client details which combines with a realtime stock price feed. The front end database is used intraday to service client enquiries thus relieving the back office of the burden of coping with high volume access. The realtime stock feed enables valuations to be based on up to the minute stock prices.

The clever two-tier design of the system can provide client details either directly from the Investment Manager or through a screen bearing the client’s IFA logo and livery and other key details, so that the client is not aware of the underlying Investment Manager system. In this way the Investment Manager is offering its IFAs a branded on-line service. This builds in ownership of the system for the IFA and protects its brand whilst promoting the IFA to Investment Manager links.

Clients Direct can perform a number of calculations – both standard, such as cash balances and asset allocation ratios – and bespoke as required to meet the needs of a particular Investment Manager. The results of these calculations can be represented in both tabular and graphical formats to facilitate comprehension.

Clients Direct is available either as a stand-alone installation or as a managed service whereby MBA runs and operates the software and any third party connections on behalf of its customer. In either case the system is rendered highly secure by MBA’s online security system designed and vetted to meet the requirements of the world’s largest banks.

Using additional modules from MBA the service can be extended to portray the total wealth composition of a client including funds and assets not currently managed by the Investment Manager. This can become a powerful sales tool when combined with online descriptions of current and target asset allocation scenarios.

Clients Direct can also be combined with MBA’s Speedreport ™ module to automatically produce print files. This can produce print files across the range of clients in a rapid timescale facilitating the production of items such as annual statements.

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