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Internet Broker

Internet Broker enables brokers and investment managers to deliver a fully customized internet broking service to clients. It is an established package that is used by many prestigious financial institutions today. With straight through processing techniques clients can deal in shares over the internet, have the transactions executed and receive confirmations without any manual intervention.


Economies gained from a combination of straight through processing and internet technology enables a broker to lower the cost of its dealing service. This allows it to be more competitive with the opportunity to extend its market place.

With Internet Broker the online service offered by a firm will be branded to its own house style and culture. Clients will be able to use its service wherever internet access is available: the office, home or at client sites. By analysing usage of the system the broker can target specific clients, in groups or as individuals, with time sensitive offers.

The firm is kept abreast of the activities of its clients, helping it to understand their needs. This provides opportunities to direct information specifically relevant to them and so enhance the relationship with the client.

Overall, Internet Broker will help the broker to grow its business.


Internet broker offers a fully automated online trading facility which includes order capture, routing, execution and confirmation – without the need for manual intervention.

Clients can apply online for the service and submit their application to the broker. After authentication has taken place, passwords and permissions granted, clients can gain access to the comprehensive range of services delivered by Internet Broker.

Dissemination of financial news, charting, research and prices can be carried out for clients in either delayed or real time.

Clients can assimilate information from the firm’s site and then form investment decisions from the information gleaned. Buy, sell and limit orders can be initiated by clients. These are automatically executed using a real time dealing price.

Portfolio valuations can be viewed by clients, at any time, online, within a standard browser. The contents will include their very latest transactions.

Clients can employ the use of other value added features such as a stockwatch facility, which allows indices and stock prices to be monitored.

Internet Broker has an alert facility which allows clients to set defined limits. The client is then automatic alerted once the set parameters have been reached.

Creative Services

Internet Broker is customized to meet a firm’s specific design requirements. MBA’s creative services team is composed of creative designers who work in close harmony with system developers to ensure that products are moulded to the firm’s precise aesthetic wishes.

Web Site Management

MBA’s applications are supplied together with a comprehensive support and service package – the MBA Web Site Management Service. This facility ensures that the performance of the software and the resulting service provided to the end user is maintained at the optimal level. The WSMS includes web site hosting, content management, customer support and web site evolution.

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